Cotton Booty: Growing your cloth diaper stash one month at a time! Join Now

How it works

1. Select your preferences

Choose boy, girl, or gender neutral, your desired quantity, and frequency.

2. We pack your fluff

We find new diapers, accessories, toys, fun items, and samples for you to try.

3. Enjoy the fluffy surprise

Open your package and enjoy!

Personalize your Cotton Booty box...

Choose your box style: *Just* a Diaper Cotton Booty Box or *Same Old* Cotton Booty Box
Choose your gender: Boy, Girl, or Gender Neutral
Choose your quantity: Single or Twin
Choose your frequency: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual, or Annual

We are working to add more options for personalization while continuing to keep the mystery alive.  If we give you too many options, then where's the surprise?  We enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions, please feel free to share with us at, on Facebook:, or on our Facebook chatter page: